Other Services

Used/reconditioned scales

Some projects might not require the need or expense of a new scale. Certified Weighing Systems has an inventory of good reconditioned scales that we take in on trade.
We assess each scale, make any repairs to ensure that you are still getting a quality product for your application at a reduced cost.

Lease purchases

Sometimes when starting a project you might want to look at lease financing. Besides the tax savings you get from leasing a scale, it gives you the opportunity save some of your operating capital for other pieces of equipment.
Speak to one of our Certified Weighing Specialist’s to see if a lease may be a cost effective alternative for your business.

Scale Rentals

For those projects that only require a scale for a short period on time (daily, weekly, monthly), we have a full line of scales ranging from:

  • Crane scales
  • Counting scales (for inventory)
  • 4x4 warehouse scales
  • All the way up to 100ft truck scales

Contact Certified Weighing Systems to see what scale we have to meet your weighing requirement.

Turn key foundation packages

Our in house scale foundation team can meet tight timelines with outstanding quality work.

Engineer designed weighing solutions

We can get you that stamp of approval for any design that may require an engineer's touch.