truck-scale-serviceThe maintenance and regular service of Truck Scales is of paramount importance.

Certified Weighing Systems understands that if your scale is out of calibration you could be losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month.

That is why we offer Preventative Maintenance Service Contracts.

Preventative Maintenance and Scheduled service contracts for Truck Scales

Preventative maintenance ensures your weighing equipment continues to work at maximum efficiency, reduces the likelihood of costly emergency repairs and minimizes the risk of ‘downtime’ for your business.

You determine the frequency of the service (monthly, quarterly or annually) and we will ensure that your scales are working to within Legal for Trade tolerances (1/10 of 1%). We also supply you with a detailed report which advises you and lets you know any potential service issues that you might have to address in the future. This gives you the ability to plan and budget any major repairs and reduce the likelihood of any unnecessary downtime.

Certified Weighing Systems can supply scheduled service ranging from once a month to once a year depending on how important it is to keep your truck scale or scale systems with in Legal for Trade tolerances, to ensure that your company is not giving away product which in turn affects your profit margin.

Some customers only follow the Industry Canada mandatory certifications. Depending on your industry, the age of your scale, scale usage (frequency and loads) or the cost of the product, you might want to look at speaking with us about a scheduled maintenance contract.

Please go to their website at to learn how often your legal for trade device needs to be inspected or contact your Certified Weighing specialist and let him assist you.
Truck Scale house-keeping tips

Simple house-keeping can make a big difference to the condition of your Truck Scale. In the winter you want to ensure that your truck scale is clean underneath which can cause binding and make your tuck scale weigh light. In the summer and fall you want to ensure that there is not any mud, rocks or debris causing your truck scale to lose its accuracy.