Anyload FSP Mild Steel Floor Scale

Anyload floor scales are manufactured with a symmetrical grid channel frame and checkered deck plate that is slip and skid resistant making them ideal for industrial and commercial environments due to their durability and heavy duty structural design. All floor scales are supplied with levelling feet, a level bubble, eyebolts for easy lifting and a junction box. ANYLOAD offers a wide range of floor scale models such as: general purpose floor scales, heavy duty floor scales, stainless steel floor scales, industrial floor scales and legal for trade floor scales. For custom platform sizes and capacities please contact us directly or complete our custom solutions form.

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Product Description

• Mild steel construction
• 5mm thick deck plate with checkered safety tread
• Steel grid channel frame
• Powder coated with high quality industrial paint
• Supplied with aluminum junction box and 4 swivel feet
• Factory finished corner error adjustment
• NTEP 1:6 000 Class III, Multiple Cell certified load cells from 1Klb-10Klb
• NTEP 1:3 500 Class III, Single Cell certified load cells from 1Klb-10Klb
• CE, RoHS and ExNepsi certified load cells
• Meaurement Ukraine certified load cells
• Measurement Canada certified floor scales: 3×3-5Klb, 3×4-5Klb, 4×4-5Klb

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