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Certified Permanent Truck Scales

If you are planning on keeping the scale in the same place for a long period of time, building a facility with no thoughts of moving or relocating the scale and your soil conditions are good, then a Certified Permanent Truck Scale would be a good choice.

The next question is concrete or steel deck? This would depend on how fast you want to use your truck scale as well as time of year for the installation (winter/summer).

A concrete deck truck scale usually takes 30 to 45 days from start to finish, depending on the time of year; heating and hoarding may also be required, which may increase the foundation costs of the truck scale.

The cost of a steel deck might be a little more money up front, it doesn’t require any cure time. So, if time is a factor, a Certified Permanent Steel Deck truck scale would be a good choice.

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Product Description

• 24” Main beam design
• Lengths form 30ft to 180ft
• Widths from 10ft to 14ft
• Overall height from 18” – 36”
• Access to load cells from the side of truck scale
• 75,000 Lb capacity N.T.E.P. approved Legal for Trade Load cells
• Typical 8” Concrete deck using 15M rebar spaced on 12” centers
• 3/8” Checkerplate or 35 MPA concrete deck (28 day cure)