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Certified Portable Truck Scales

If you are planning on a temporary location, poor soil conditions, relocating, expanding or possibly reselling the truck scale in the future, then a Certified Portable Truck Scale would be a good choice.
With our low profile, self-contained design, Certified Weighing Systems portable truck scales take less than 1 day from the time you take it off the truck until you can be using it. If you are looking to move your scale to several locations as the job demands, portable scales are the perfect solution.

With our modular design, Certified portable truck scales can be extended in 20-30ft modules if you require a longer scale to help you with your weighing requirements.
A portable design truck scale costs more than a permanent truck scale, but the money that you save in foundation costs, definitely makes a Certified Portable Truck scale a smart choice.
Let one of our weighing systems specialists meet with you and help you determine which scale solution works best for your application.

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Product Description

• 12” Main beam design
• Lengths form 30ft to 180ft
• Widths from 10ft to 14ft
• Overall height is 18”
• 75,000 Lb capacity N.T.E.P. approved Legal for Trade Load cells
• 3/8” Checkerplate deck
• Self contained subframe for minimum foundation requirements