EC200 Dual Platform Counting Scale

ANYLOAD EC200 counting scales are ideal for converting the weight of uniform objects into a reading of a number of items, with the capability of connecting an external scale platform which can easily measure larger objects or more counts. The EC200 incorporates a fast and stable display with a variety of functions. As an integral part of its design, it is equipped with adjustable feet and level bubble to ensure accurate weighing as well as a full keyboard. With two stainless steel platforms and full keyboard (28 keys), our counting scales are ideal for industrial settings, wholesale markets and retail environments in which high accuracy counting functions are required.

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Product Description

• Capacities: 50lb/0.001lb – 2lb/0.00005lb
• Power Source: Built in rechargeable battery, AC adaptor 10-12V 500mA (included)
• LED display, 3 section
• 2 Stainless steel removable platters, can connect a 3rd external scale plaform
• ABS scale enclosure
• Equipped with adjustable feet and levelling bubble
• Full keyboard (28 keys)
• One-touch unit exchange between kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb)

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