Kilotech KHS200 Mini Crane Scale

This mini digital crane scale is versatile, reliable, accurate and easy to operate. The 20mm (.78 in) LCD screen allows you to see the display from over 10m (22 feet) away. A quality stainless steel load receptor and cast aluminium housing protect the scale. The combination of circuit and dedicated weighing load cells ensure a stable reading. Main features include Tare, Hold, Unit (between kg and lb) and Zero functions. In addition, there are several programmable settings such as auto-off, auto-zero, manualzero and backlight. Ideal for use in a dry environment and areas of low humidity. Removable hook permits easy cleaning. Ideal for light industry, hunters, luggage, parcels and more.

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Product Description

• Stainless steel load receptor
• Cast aluminum housing
• LCD screen viewable from 22′
• Tare, Hold, Unit, Zero
• Programmable auto-off, auto-zero, manual zero, backlight
• Removable hook for easy cleaning
• For use in a dry environment & areas of low humidity
• One year warranty

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