Selecting the right truck scale for application

Selecting the right truck scale for application

Purchasing a truck scale is usually a major decision when you are running a business.

Not only the cost of investment but you also have to decide which scale will suit your application the best: Portable or Permanent? Steel or Concrete deck?

You start by looking at the area that you want to place the truck scale and figure out if it’s the right location. Here are a few questions that you can ask to figure out the type of truck scale required;

1) Are the soil conditions right?
– Once you receive a soils report you can figure out the cost of the foundation. If the foundation costs are quite expensive, you should decide whether or not a portable truck scale might work better for the application.

2) Do you have enough room to drive onto and off the scale safely?
– If you don’t have a proper driving radius you might have to place the scale into a pit to save some room, but this could also increase the cost of a truck scale.

3) Depending on the time of year, is it better to purchase a steel or concrete truck scale?
– Since a concrete deck takes approximately 28 days to cure properly, it might be better or more cost effective to get a steel deck. If it’s getting late in the year and starts to get cold, you might have to look at heating and hoarding a concrete deck truck scale.

4) Have you called to locate the underground services?
– For safety reasons it’s always a good idea to check both underground and overhead services before you start any excavation.

5) Do I need additional extras to optimize my operation?
– Additional extras such as traffic lights, cameras, driver ID recognition systems, ticket printers may help to make your Truck Scale operation more efficient but also protect against Truck Scale fraud or theft.

6) Have I considered a Truck Scale service / maintenance agreement?
– As a Truck Scale is a significant investment for any business, ensuring it is operating optimally and accurately is of paramount importance. Speak to our team about our Truck Scale Service and Maintenance options.

Here are a few questions that need to be considered before you purchase/install a truck scale. Contact a Certified Weighing specialist and they can help you with your truck scale requirements from start to finish.